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No additional fees

'No additional fees' means that our EV charging software operates on a fixed licensing fee structure, and there are no extra charges or markups on the energy consumed by the charging stations. Once you acquire the software license, you won't incur any additional costs!
This transparent pricing model ensures that you have a clear understanding of the expenses associated with our EV charging software. It eliminates any surprises or hidden fees that might be added based on the amount of energy used by the charging points. By offering a fixed licensing fee with no additional energy markup, we aim to provide a cost-effective and predictable solution for managing and operating your EV charging infrastructure.


White Label

Introducing our White Label EV Charging Solution: Empower Your Brand with Customised Charging Experience.


Secure Payment

You can pay for your charge through the app, ensuring a secure and seamless transaction.

EV Charging Solutions for Businesses

Our EV charging solutions for businesses provide a comprehensive and tailored approach to meet the charging needs of organisations. With features such as centralised management, reservation systems, billing integration, and reporting analytics, our solutions enable seamless charging operations while maximising efficiency and user satisfaction. Whether you have a small office or a large corporate campus, our business-centric EV charging solutions offer scalability, customisation, and a user-friendly experience to support your sustainable transportation initiatives.


Tailored Software Solutions for Every Business

Charge your electric vehicle with ease, wherever life takes you.

Comprehensive Features for EV Charging Success

Panda Cloud Software offers a comprehensive suite of features to support your EV charging business

  • Real-time Monitoring and Control: Gain full visibility and control over your charging infrastructure with real-time monitoring and remote management capabilities.

  • User-Friendly Mobile App: A mobile application that allows users to easily locate nearby charging stations, check availability, reserve charging slots, monitor charging progress, and receive notifications.

  • Intuitive User Interface: Successful and efficient charging experience for users while providing administrators with the necessary tools to optimise charging infrastructure and achieve sustainability goals.


Integrated Manufactures

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