Efficient EV Charging Management for Workplace & Offices

Empowering Electric Mobility at Work: Efficient EV Charging Management for Workplace and Office Environments.


Powering Your Workplace into the Future

Are you ready to revolutionise your workplace with the power of electric vehicles? Look no further than our cutting-edge EV Software Management solution. Designed specifically for EV workplace settings, our innovative software empowers businesses to efficiently manage and optimise with seamless integration, streamline your operations, gain real-time insights, and optimise your workplace settings with ease. Our EV Software Management takes your workplace to the next level of sustainability and productivity with comprehensive control of the costs.

Tailored Solutions for EV Fleet Management


Charging Station Management

Our software enables centralised control and monitoring of EV charging stations installed at your workplace or office. You can track the status of each station, including availability, usage, and power consumption, ensuring efficient utilisation of resources.


Reservation and Scheduling

Employees can easily reserve charging slots in advance, eliminating conflicts and ensuring they have access to charging stations when needed. This feature promotes fair usage and avoids congestion during peak hours.


Billing and Payment Integration

Our software facilitates seamless billing and payment processing for charging services. You can set up pricing plans, manage invoices, and integrate with payment gateways, making it convenient for users and simplifying financial transactions.


Reporting and Analytics

Gain insights into charging patterns, energy consumption, and user behavior through comprehensive reporting and analytics. This data can help you make informed decisions, improve infrastructure planning, and assess the environmental impact of your EV charging initiatives.


Integration and Scalability

Our EV charging software is designed to integrate with various charging station manufacturers, ensuring compatibility and flexibility. Whether you have a few charging stations or a large-scale deployment, our software can scale to meet your requirements.

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